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Dennis R. McPartlin
Dennis R. McPartlin
Highway Commissioner

Your safety on a smooth and efficient township highway system is my TOP PRIORITY! The New Lenox Township Highway Department maintains more than seventy miles of roadways within New Lenox Township. Other government agencies are also responsible for the maintenance of certain roads with the township. The Village of New Lenox maintains 125 miles of roads, and the State, County, City of Joliet, Village of Mokena and Toll Highway Authority also have jurisdiction over certain roads and highways that are located within New Lenox Township.

The Highway Department has been successful in maintaining our township roads for safe and efficient travel without a tax increase, even though the price of petroleum has skyrocketed. The increased cost of gasoline has caused the price of asphalt for road resurfacing to double because petroleum is a chief ingredient in black top.

I will continue to find new ways to keep a balanced budget and maintain good and safe roads while living with our existing Road budget. As your New Lenox Township Highway Commissioner, I will continue to maintain your township roads in a safe, smooth and cost efficient manner. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us:

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Please note that our new address is 12551 Harvey Drive, New Lenox, IL.

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