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Senior T.R.I.A.D Program

TRIAD is the agreement between law enforcement agencies in a county and older or retired persons in the community to work together. TRIADS work to:

  • EDUCATE: Sponsor crime prevention and victim/witness programs for older persons.
  • ASSIST: Recruit and train volunteers to assist the police and sheriff's police and sheriff's departments.
  • EMPHASIZE: Staff reassurance programs for older persons to reduce the fear and provide moral support.
  • COMMUNICATE: Provide a forum for law enforcement and the community to share the needs and concerns, and develop solutions.
  • INVOLVE: Unite seniors, sheriffs, and local police to identify problem areas for seniors in the local community and to develop and implement community-wide solutions.

The File of Life program and Yellow Dot program are programs for any person with medical issues. Both programs come with a sticker and medical information card. The File of Life sticker should be placed on the front door and the medical card hung on the fridge. The Yellow Dot sticker is for the drivers' side rear window and the medical card is for the glove box. The medical card should include your name, emergency contacts, hospital preference, doctors' information, medical issues, allergies, medication dosage and insurance information. The stickers and medical information cards are available at the New Lenox Police Department, 701 W. Haven, or contact Sergeant Del Bianco or Officer Davis at 815-462-6100. They are also available at the New Lenox Township Building, 1100 S. Cedar Road or contact Kathie Johnson at 815-485-6431.

The New Lenox/Manhattan TRIAD is starting a cell phone program for senior citizens. The program would give seniors who do not have a cell phone a free cell phone. These phones will not have a service plan and only 911 can be dialed from the phone. Therefore, they should not replace the use of your home phone. The TRIAD is seeking donations of old cell phones from any members of the community. Please, no chargers or extra batteries. Phones can be donated at the Township or New Lenox Police Department.

Barbara Kaupas, Chairperson


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