Welcome to the Environmental Committee

As a trustee representing all New Lenox residents, I am the chairperson of our environmental committee as well as quite a few other services that we have been working on to help make us more user friendly.

Our environmental services include a mosquito abatement program that serves all township residents. This includes spraying as needed, as well as larvicide treatments for many of the retention ponds in our township.

If you are interested in composting, we offer "Earth Machine" composting bins available at our township office for the price of $45. We have received great feedback on these. Stop by our office and take a look at one if you think this is something that might work for you. Also, you can save on water bills by using the Systern Rain Barrel. Rain water, free from chlorine and water treatment chemicals, is an excellent water source for lawns, plants and gardens. These 55 gallon barrels are now available at the Township Office and can be purchased for $75.00.

Another service that our environmental committee is providing to New Lenox Township residents is a "cooling center". The cooling center is provided for residents to keep cool in the event that Will County declares a heat emergency. The Community Room at the Guy Sell Senior Apartments will then be available to residents from 12 noon - 9pm. The room will be open to residents after providing identification stating residency. Studying, reading, listening to personal music devices, laptops or other "quiet activities" are all acceptable. We ask that no food be brought into the room. Please go to www.newlenox.org for the declaration of a heat emergency, as well as a sign being placed in front of our township office.

Martin J. Boban, Chairperson

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