Cooling Center Information

About the “Cooling Center”

The “Cooling Center” facilities are available to residents when the Will County Health Department declares a heat emergency or if the Township Supervisor deems special circumstances in our township. To use the Cooling Center, we ask that all New Lenox Township Residents comply with the following guidelines.

New Lenox Township Cooling Center Guidelines for Use by Residents

  1. Proof of residency is required upon entry into the building
  2. No Food is allowed in the building
  3. Remain ONLY in designated areas of the building
  4. The use of the building is intended to be a place for residents to keep cool and where residents can enjoy quiet activities
  5. Studying, reading, using personal music devices, using laptops, and card games are all considered quiet activities
  6. Please respect that some residents may need to be in a cool, quiet atmosphere due to medical conditions
  7. Anyone under the age of 16 must be under the supervision of an adult
  8. All Township buildings are considered smoke free
  9. Please restrict all cell phone use to the outside of the building
  10. The Township Supervisor reserves the right to make changes to these rules